Does Website Design Play an Important Role in Ranking

When it comes to having a recognition in the online world, you must have a good website. Doing SEO by yourself isn’t always enough as you must be lagging in key concepts like a good website design. It increases the aesthetic appeal of the website and more people are likely to stay on your page. A great design helps in establishing the fact that your SEO campaign is going to bring good results. Without it, one cannot rely upon that the tools will work as well as they can with a well-maintained website. Here are the reason why you should always keep the website design in mind:

Google will drop your site if the bounce rate is more.

It is their job to make sure users are getting the best websites. They would at first, rely on the keywords but after they learn that those keywords aren’t effective enough, they consider the bounce rate and the time people actually spend on the website. Bounce rate is when people click your link and immediately shut it. To lower this rate, you should have good website design so it appeals to the users who visit it. If they find that the website does have content which they would like to read, they are more likely to stay on the page. But on clicking the link, if the page opens up another list of links and ambiguous content, they will “close” the tab quickly. The higher the bounce rate is the lower the rank of your website will always choose best SEO company which decrease your bounce rate and increase your ranking on search engine.
On the same note, the more time they lurk around your website, the higher the rank of your website will be. Thus, you should try to make it useful for the people by making interesting posts visible to them. The loading time your posts take should also be taken into consideration. It could easily bore the users and they would hop on to the next page. It is one of the features Google decided to look for, when they are deciding the rankings.

Try to indulge in parallel design

When your website has a design where all the information is loaded on a single web page, it could be interesting to your users. The background of your web page should be appealing enough as the 90s theme would never go with the modern world. If your website has a menu which could guide users to different genres, that would be helpful for the website. There is still a risk with the rankings if the user is unclear about what exactly the content page is about. You need to be very careful about how you bring the design together.

It should be mobile friendly.

Most users are online these days on their cell phones. But if the site is the bit incompatible on the mobile, users might not stay on the webpage. Research has shown how 60% of mobile users jump to the next related website if they don’t find the content adjust according to their small screen.So make sure your website must have mobile friendly.