Promote SEO Growth – Build the Best Content Marketing Strategy

Promote SEO Growth


The use of the right keywords is no longer enough for driving your content strategy. This is because not all content needs of your audience are captured in search. Yes, you might increase organic, but will it convert customers?

Instead of sticking with a keyword-first-driven content strategy, you can now create SEO content which converts through following an audience-centric strategy.

Set Goals

Everything starts with a goal. What do you want to accomplish? Do like to drive an increase in your sales, or do you want to increase your leads to a specific percentage. Document your goals first as this will help you figure out the kind of content you like to create and what your calls to action must be.

Identify Your Key Audience and Their Specific Pain Points

Next, identify your target audience for your content. You can get help from teams of experts at this point, such as sales, customer service, technical support,social media marketing, product marketing, and product management. These people usually interact with customers, which make them the best ones to ask about the struggles of your audience, and what content should be made to help answer their queries.

Identify the Unique Expertise of Your Brand

Dig further and identify what makes your business brand unique. Chances are it is not your product itself. You can think about the experts on your subject matter and how they contribute to your organization. Consider how your products are made.

Determine Your Content Tilt

Combine your answers for the second and third step, and determine how your unique content angle is going to look like.

List Potential Topics of Content According to Your Content Tilt

The next step is to brainstorm topics. Since you already know the tilt of your content, it is much easier to create topics that your brand should create content about. These topics are the ones your audience truly cares about.

Perform Keyword Research 

After listing good topics for your content, it is time to dive into research of long tail keywords, and determine the best keyword targets around these topics.

Create Your Editorial Calendar

According to your findings during your keyword research, come up with the editorial calendar for the content. See to it that you include the target of your keyword so that if there is someone else who develops the content, they will know the important things to include.

Know How to Measure Your Success

When you know what content you will create, you have to identify how you will measure your success. You can measure leads to your gated content as well as the conversions of these leads to sales after a certain period of time. 

Create Content

Once all pieces have been put together, it is time for you to do proceed with creation work. It is the most fun part. Considering your content tilt and after completing your keyword research, research or gather the information you need then outline how you want your content to look like.

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