The Roles of Web Designers and Web Programmers in SEO

Web designers and programmers in many ways have a symbiotic relationship with SEOs. While sometimes an SEO agency operates completely separate to a web design studio, there may become SEO specialists within the studio to provide a more complete team. However, keeping them separate has some benefits too.

Same Goals, Different Approaches

While differentiate between web designer or programmers and SEO here in The reason for the overlap is the fundamental match up between what a web designer or programmer does and what an SEO does. The objective largely speaking, the goal is essentially the same:

To provide the searchers with the information they require in the most presentable and expedient manner. The better and SEO ranks the site and the better presented and optimized for conversions, the more sales are generated. At that point, everybody wins. Therefore, while designers/programmers and SEO are treated as working in different fields, the end goal is the same.


It’s All about Search

Web pages contain content written for searchers. The content is based around keywords. When the SEO is performed well, a page will rank for certain keywords which drive organic traffic to that page from Google, Bing and other search engines.

Depending on the way the page has been designed, the once visitor and now searcher, will discover if they can successfully navigate the site to find what they’re looking for. When it’s poorly designed with a cluttered interface, overly busy graphics – all flash and no substance, then visitors leave even if the content matched their query. Google is likely to notice the low on-page time and reduce the site’s ranking because its searchers aren’t happy.

Landing Page Design and Conversion

With landing pages, the merging of SEO, optimization in design and layout, along with web design is more obvious. Here traffic is pulled in via different methods like pay-per-click advertising, organic search traffic and referral traffic. Visitors are shown a page that provides information about a particular product or service. Or, perhaps they’re encouraged to opt-in to the newsletter for the latest discounts, news and reviews.

When the design of the landing page is poor, it’s not effective. Similarly, when the page is not optimized well to provide information clearly and lead the visitor to a certain action, the effectiveness of the landing page has failed to live up to its promise. With SEO, ranking the landing page for relevant keywords helps to keep advertising costs down by opening up the possibility of bringing in free organic traffic instead of having to pay for advertising to drive paid traffic to the offer.

Does It Pay to Specialize?

Should you hire a separate SEO company instead of a web studio that offers both services? Like most things in life, the answer is, it depends. In many cases, the web studio says that they offer SEO services but really, they’re selling a service and outsourcing the work to an SEO agency or freelancers. Rarely are they hands on with SEO. The question to ask is whether they have dedicated team members focused on SEO. Then you have your answer.